The planned repeated meeting of Public Joint Stock Company Grindeks’ shareholders that was due to be held on January 19 did not take place due to an insufficient quorum – instead of the 25% required, registered shareholders represented 18.36% of the company’s fixed capital.

The Board of Public Joint Stock Company Grindeks announces, that the repeated extraordinary meeting of shareholders will take place for a second time on February 10, 2004 at 10.00 with the same agenda:

1. Regarding the increase of PJSC Grindeks’ fixed capital.
2. Various.

The meeting will take place in PJSC Grindeks’ conference room at Krustpils iela 53 in Riga.

Registrationof shareholders on the day of the meeting – February 10, 2004 – will take place from 09.00 until 10.00 at the venue for the meeting. In registering, one must produce a passport or other personal identification document.

Shareholders can take part in the meeting in person or the shareholder may be represented by his or her authorised representative by submitting a letter of authorisation.

Shareholders who have deregistered their shares, must produce a receipt issued by the holder of a share account regarding the blocking of shares. Such shareholders must notify the holder of a share account regarding the blocking of shares no later than by February 2, 2004.

Draft decisions from the second repeated extraordinary meeting of PJSC Grindeks shareholders will be available for inspection starting from February 2, 2004 at the PJSC Grindeks office at Krustpils iela 53 in Riga from 10.00 – 15.00.

Information hotline: 7 083 252, 7 083 205.