On October 5, JSC Grindeks received an official letter from the Industrial Development Agency (IDA) of Poland with the invitation to repeatedly submit its application for the acquisition of the share stock making 47, 83% of total Jelfa’s share capital.

After the evaluation of the previously submitted applications concerning price proposal and other conditions Industrial DevelopmentAgency (IDA) of Poland has accepted JSC Grindeks as one of the applicants for the acquisition of the share capital owned by the State institutions. Participation in the auction for the above mentioned 47,83% share capital is set to be in several stages. First stage of this auction was beneficial for the JSC Grindeks.

As it is mentioned before JSC Grindeks on June 6 as a response to the letter from IDA inviting Grindeks to take part in the process of privatization of Jelfa’s share capital belonging to the State institutions submitted its application at the Industrial Development Agency (IDA) of Poland expressing an interest to purchase the share capital of the pharmaceutical company Jelfa S.A. For this moment state institution owned shares 47.83% is divided into – 26.1% of „Jelfa” share capital belongs to the Industrial Development Agency (IDA) of Poland, 3.9% to the Ministry of State Treasury, 16.7% to the State Insurance Joint Stock Company.