To secure and increase the understanding of investors, cooperation partners, clients and society about the company, its activities and governance, JSC Grindeks publishes the Corporate Governance Report.

JSC Grindeks Corporate Governance Report for the year 2010 (hereinafter – the Report) is made according to JSC “Nasdaq OMX Riga” “Corporate governance principles and recommendation on their implementation”, issued in 2008. The Report is made by Grindeks Board and revised by Grindeks Council.

Corporate governance principles were adjusted to Grindeks as much as possible and Grindeks complied with the biggest part of them, carrying out its operational activities, in 2010. The Report informs also according to the principle “observe or explain” on those principles, which Grindeks observed partially or did not observe in 2010, and on the circumstances that justified it.

The Report is submitted to “Nasdaq OMX Riga” together with Grindeks audited consolidated financial statements for 2010, published at the web site of Grindeks, in the section  “For investors”, as well as at the official web site of “Nasdaq OMX Riga”


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