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To ensure effective and continuous manufacturing of our products, Grindeks is always seeking to cooperate with pharmaceutical raw material manufacturers and suppliers operating in line with the company’s cooperation principles and quality requirements.

Grindeks principles of cooperation in purchases
  1. The objective in all the processes of purchasing is to ensure effective principles of cooperation, respecting good purchasing practice and principles of business loyalty and honesty.
  2. The parties involved in the processes of purchasing respect business ethics and, retaining their confidentiality, do not exploit the available information without the consent of the company.
  3. JSC Grindeks maintains good long-term business relationships, while advancing productive collaboration, and cooperates with businesses of good reputation, as well as constitutes a permanent supplier database.
  4. All candidates and new clients must submit the manufacturer’s (supplier’s) cooperation questionnaire.
  5. The supplier must guarantee the execution of the corporative requirements and must ensure a long-term cooperation. It is advisable for the supplier to have a certified ISO quality system and a Good manufacturing practice.
  6. The documents for the applicants to submit are: Price offer (the desirable currency – EUR) in accordance with the international Incoterms 2010 conditions (for example, EXW/DAP). If necessary, together with the additional costs of transporting, packing, or other expenses. The transaction amount of the volume and the price for one unit (for example, 1 kg) is necessary to disclose. The attachments must include: 1) a clear financial offer; 2) technical specifications or quality certificates; 3) a project of the cooperation agreement or an offer on the forms of cooperation.
  7. The selection of the candidates and the correspondence of the offers are evaluated by the Purchasing Department. If necessary, additional information is required. The evaluation of the suppliers is conducted upon these criteria – quality, price, reliability, availability, delivery and payment conditions, technical support, documentation.
  8. The supplier applicant, upon submitting the form, fully agrees with all the conditions and principles of cooperation.
  9. The annual indicative amounts of raw materials of JSC Grindeks for the principal purchasing groups and materials are annually published in the webpage. For more information about all the purchases and other subjects please contact the responsible person in the Purchasing Department  – Janis Kalnins.

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