You’ve been on the Grindeks team for 25 years, what motivates you, inspires you, and gives you the greatest satisfaction at work?

The first thing that comes to mind is our team – it is people with deep and balanced internal culture, which is the main thing in any workplace to work there long term.

What were your impressions of Grindeks 25 years ago?

Grindeks has always been a leader in the labour market, but 25 years ago it was rather a passion for something great, unknown, and externally attractive, now that I know the details, it is rather a deep mutual attraction.

Your career over many years has been linked to research and development, what excites you in this area?

I could also build my own career in another area, because it was not my initiative to focus on R & D (research and development). Thanks the people who provided this opportunity because R & D you are always at the forefront of events with minimal routine and a huge opportunity to express yourself. It is very important that colleagues are very intelligent and educated people who allow working relationships to be built on the basis of persuasion, synergy, not formal orders.

Development of new products is very important for the development of Grindeks and for the achievement of the objectives pursued. It is known that there are 63 new Grindeks, 42 new Kalceks medicines and 26 API’s at the development stage. What role does the Product Development Outsourcing Unit play in this regard?

We are developing exactly half of Grindeks medicines – basically what we cannot develop internally and/or produce with our own resources or forces. I had to learn from inside the technologies I had just heard of before – medicines with modified release – both immediate and slow-releases , laser technics to establish necessary parameters for medicines, crystal (polymorphic forms, co-crystal, etc) engineering and several others

How does the company manage such a large number of R & D projects at the same time?

The main factor is the high management interest, since the development requires funding and the ability to subsequently produce and sell the products developed. Also highly qualified professionals in development that pursue the purpose of increasing our product portfolio.

What are the things and the main responsibilities that make up your daily work?

The day-to-day of a research worker is to help address technological and quality issues that others think they can’t solve (laughs). Actually, they do, but you don’t usually ready to come out of box in your busy life.

By dividing the process first into large blocks – the problem, the way how to solve and the expected outcome. As we continue to divide it to smaller bricks again an again, we usually get to the point.

Tell me how the product development outsourcing process is going?

Interesting and relatively different. Each partner has its own ways of achieving the result, virtually all tend to extend the time limits. We put all this in our production and quality frames so that the product is designed in time and quality necessary.

How easy or difficult is it to find partners?

There are 7.7 billion people in the world, but close people who are relatives and friends are only dozens. Relations with partners should be established in such a way that cooperation continues for a long time. There are plenty of offers on the internet, exhibitions have big halls with potential partners, but we already have 11 partners with which stable and constructive relations have been established. This is very much, given that our structure only exists for 2 years, at the same time it is too little to look at future development plans. We must continue to work and build partnerships.

What poses the biggest challenges?

The challenge is what allows ourselves to be kept in focus and growing up in a professional field, so any challenge we wait with pleasure. If you look at the big picture, it is to stay in our balanced triangle, which includes the quality of production, the development time-lines and the funding needed for it.

How important does a cohesive team play in this area?

I think it is crucial. I have the privilege of working on a team with professionals in my field who support and supplement each other. Each of our employees has 2-level project management:
– start-to-end management of a specific project;
– competence in one of the specific areas (technology, analytics, chemistry, intellectual property management): here, each of the teams is an assistant to another colleague within the framework of a project he or she is leading.

How would you describe the relationship with other units?

Very productive (and not only with the company’s departments, but also with the Group’s companies). Without great cooperation, we could not develop so many products together. It creates opportunities for the development of new products.

What is Grindeks the key to growth and success? Name 3 reasons.

– Ambitious goals and allocated resources given by management
– Respect and competence of our team
– Company culture

Why would you recommend chemical and pharmaceutical careers to young professionals?

Interesting, exciting work and a very good level of pay.

What are your ways of spending free time?

I have a big family, if there are no visitors at home, then we’re six. This means that at least 95% of leisure activities are directly related to participation in family events, teaching children, music, and sports activities. Thanks to the kids who excite me very often with their success.

Your wish to everyone.

To see every challenge as how it will make wiser, stronger, and wealthier. Look to future with optimism.