The so-called resonant Siberian wonder, Pelageja was one of the festival’s major surprises and the Grindeks company was extremely honoured to have the opportunity to support the performance by this young singer. During the concert, every visitor to the festival had the opportunity to discover what Italian tenor Luciano Pavarotti and the Presidents of France, Germany and Russia were so enthused about. It was impossible not to be captivated by the spontaneous talent of seventeen year old, Pelageja, hearing her renditions of ancient Slavic songs and contemporary, so-called world music; it was a long time before the public’s enthusiastic ovations died down following Pelageja’s performance.

At the festival press conference, Grindeks’ Chairman of the Board, Valdis Jākobsons noted that “discoveries are necessary both in pharmaceutical manufacturing and in music, and we are extremely pleased to be introduced and to support one such musical discovery –Pelageja”.

Liepājas Dzintars and the Grindeks company have many common traits – old and healthy traditions and, at the same time, an openness towards new developments and global trends. Accordingly, the decision to support the festival is a logical continuation of Grindeks’ traditions of patronage. Grindeks supports the creation of the Latvian National Opera’s new productions, has presented monuments to Rīga, issues cash awards to the best schoolchildren and students, as well as regularly making presents of medicines to the neediest members of society.

Grindeks’ development has reached the point where the company no longer needs to invest all its profits in the improvement of its manufacturing processes. Every year, more and more new opportunities arise for the company to allocate funds to assist culture, education and science as well as provide social assistance. In 2003, Grindeks has supported various projects to the tune of more than Ls 60,000.

This year, the company wants to provide support for Latvian rock music as an important element of national culture, and is very much aware that rock music in Latvia has in considerable part evolved directly thanks to the popular festival, Liepājas Dzintars which is taking place this year for the twenty ninth time.