Gaiļezera Hospital’s Deputy Director, Ēriks Kalniņš commented, “The new fibro bronchoscope will allow us to better determined the diagnosis for cases of illnesses of the upper respiratory channel, perform the rehabilitation of the deep respiratory channels and to prescribe effective subsequent treatment, because during the course of a year we have more one and a half thousand patients with these types of infection. Of course, we also had a bronchoscope prior to now, however any equipment ages and we were in great need of the new apparatus.”

Grindeks Chairman of the Board, Valdis Jākobsons believes that the public has a right to expect support from stable and financially successful companies and this attitude is at the heart of Grindeks’ development concept: “Our business is the manufacture of medicines and human health is our joint concern, therefore annually we create the opportunity to allocate capital for the support of medicine and other projects that are important to public health.”