J. Strautmanis is the Head of Board of Latvian Paediatric Neurologists Society, Head of Board of Latvian Chapter of International League Against Epilepsy and Member of the Board of European Paediatric Neurology Society, and since 2010 he has been actively involved in epilepsy and sleep medicine field by promoting children neurology development in Latvia. J. Strautmanis is the founder and the Head of Epilepsy and Sleep Medicine Centre in Children’s Clinical University Hospital as well as has developed pediatric neurology residency program. J. Strautmanis is the lead researcher and researcher in international multicenter clinical researches, and ketogenic diet – specific refractory epilepsy treatment method – implementer in Latvia.

Kirovs Lipmans, the chairman of the Supervisory council of JSC Grindeks: “I am gratified that the D. H. Grindel Award for significant contribution to medicine in Latvia is given to children neurologist Jurģis Strautmanis, his generation excellence in medicine. In relatively short period of his professional work, his achievements are incredible. Thanks to Jurģis Strautmanis, the development of pediatric neurology in Latvia has laid strong foundation for future!”

In the photo from the left side: D. H. Grindel award laureat, Children neurologist Jurģis Strautmanis; Kirovs Lipmans, the chairman of the Supervisory Council of JSC Grindeks.