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Grindeks app “Mood tracker” description

Use the app and find the triggers and add comments related to the symptoms of depression, interest, anxiety, elevated mood and irritability. You can track what in particular triggers each of the symptoms and share the information with your doctor, what had happened with you during the months, two weeks or other period of time.

Answer the question of the day and use the algorithm of the artificial intelligence (AI) to evaluate the symptoms of the depressed mood. This option works in test version.

No personal information is transferred from your smartphone without your permission, share your data with the ones you like to share with.

The graph from the Analytics page shows your progress dynamically and from the Calendar page you can go to the particular data screen.

Use the settings menu to change the language of the app. The app is available in 3 languages now and we will add additional languages soon.

This text is reviewed regularly after the updates are made.

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