Our stories

Our stories


Juris Hmelnickis: We need to act more convincingly, flexible and bold

2022 has just begun. Ph.D Juris Hmelnickis , Chairman of the Board of Grindeks, looks back at what we achieved last year, tells the story of Grindeks Group's strengths in the global pharmaceutical context and improving job efficiency and productivity, he also gives his vision for 2022. Looking back at 2021, what were the greatest […]
Anastasija Konovalova

Anastasija Konovalova: Every year Grindeks becomes greener

To improve our understanding about environmental issues we have share experience with colleagues as it is important for us as a team. This time Anastasia Konovalova, senior environment and labour protection specialist at Grindeks, explains the issues that are important for nature, what has been done and what is still to be done in the […]
Kristians Vasiljevs

Kristians Vasiljevs: Punk rock guitarist who takes care of Grindeks warehouse

The right storage of chemicals, ingredients, and medicines cannot be underestimated for the pharmaceutical company. Storage management guarantees that the medicine will be stored as required, thus ensuring their quality. Storage management affects the company’s efficiency and reduces the downtime of production. It is a vital stage in the production of medicines. Please, meet Kristians […]

Lasma Krumina: accountant sometimes has to become an artist

The role of accounting in any enterprise cannot be underestimated. As once said one of the world’s most successful investors – accounting is the language of business! That is a good reason to introduce Lasma Krumina, Chief accountant of Grindeks, an employee who is in charge of keeping the “language of business” clear, accountable, and […]
Julija Bekisbajeva

Julija Bekisbajeva: Work in sales is always challenging, but it brings satisfaction

Julija Bekisbajeva, Head of Sales department at Grindeks, tells more about the sales aspects of the record high turnover and profit in the first half of 2021. She also emphasizes the advantages of Grindeks products and how to build a result-oriented sales process while inspiring colleagues every day. Sales aspect of the record high turnover […]

Marija Briede, Head of Pharmacovigilance at Grindeks: Pharmacovigilance provides safer medicines

To ensure safe and effective use of medicines, manufacturers of medicines have to monitor, record, and inform the public about possible side effects of medicines. This pharmaceutical subdivision that studies side effects of medicines is called pharmacovigilance. Let us introduce Marija Briede, Head of Pharmacovigilance. Marija Briede emphasizes the importance of pharmacovigilance, as its essence […]

Sinta Antonoviča, Head of the Quality Control Laboratory: My biggest support is my team

Constant maintenance of the quality of medicines is one of the main tasks of the company Grindeks, as it directly affects the health of patients, the effectiveness of medicines and, accordingly, the reputation of Grindeks as a manufacturer of quality medicines. The quality of medicines in the company is closely monitored by the Quality Control […]