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D. H. Grindel Award

The D.H.Grindel Award by JSC Grindeks is the highest professional honour given for significant or lifetime contribution to pharmacy or medicine.

In 1995 Grindeks presented the award for the first time when the tradition was created to honour the memory of David Hieronim Grindel (1776 – 1836) – the first natural scientist, doctor and pharmacist of Latvian descent.

In 2015, marking its 20th anniversary, the D.H. Grindel medal was turned into an award – sculpture. Composed of marble and bronze, the symbolic piece of art carries the message of caring, humanity and responsibility.

The sculptor author of the award: Artist Anda Munkevica.

Member of the board of LPA, Elmars Terauds, 2022.

  • In the photo: Member of the board of Latvian Psyciatric Association and head of the Ambulatory centre “Pārdaugava” at Riga Psyciatric and narcology centre Elmars Terauds

    Elmars Terauds has 27 years of experience in psychiatry. Amid the daily work at RPNC’s Ambulatory Centre “Pardaugava”, Dr. E. Terauds also works at the Latvian Medical Association Certification council, and is responsible for psychiatry matters at the Ministry of Health. E.Terauds is also professor, leading course of mental disorders at the primary care at the Rīga Stadiņš University medical faculty, as well as leading seminars for residents in specialty of psychiatry. He has attended at least 45 conferences and congresses and has published 24 scientific articles on psychiatry topics.

    Chairman of the Council of JSC Grindeks Kirovs Lipmans: “I am pleased that D.H.Grindel’s award for a significant contribution in Latvian psychiatry is received by Elmars Terauds board member of the Latvian Psychiatric Association, head of Riga Psyciatric and narcology centre Ambulatory centre “Pārdaugava”. With his work, he has shown that it is only possible to achieve the result with a full return. E. Terauds is a man who has strengthened the psychoemotional health of Latvian people, which is very sensual in the current global context. It’s a great pleasure that the D. H. Grindel Award continues its traditions in honoring health-care professionals.”

RSU professor Aivars Lejnieks, Year 2021

  • RSU professor Aivars Lejnieks

    Aivars Lejnieks, head of the Riga Stradiņš University Department of Internal diseases received the highest award of JSC Grindeks – D. H. Grindel Award for significant contribution in Latvian medicine in a solem ceremony of “Annual Medicine Award”, held in the digital studio of Hanzas Perons.
    A. Lejnieks is also senior medical specialist of the Riga Eastern Clinical Hospital and since 2012 is the Chairman of the Medical Council of the hospital.

    Lejnieks has participated in 20 different projects organized by Latvian Council of Science and in many clinical studies both as supervisor and as leading researcher. The professor has published 38 books, 147 scientific papers and he is a holder of 5 Latvian patents. A. Lejnieks continues active work in medicine by giving lectures to both doctors and future medical professionals.

SEMS director Liene Cipule, Year 2020

  • In the photo: SEMS director Liene Cipule

    For a significant contribution to public health and professional performance in Covid-19 virus containment, JSC Grindeks highest professional honour, the D. H. Grindel award, was granted to State Emergency Medical Service (SEMS) director Liene Cipule.

    Liene Cipule has been known in the health-care industry for more than 20 years. Since 2018, she is leading the 3,000 people team of SEMS, who help citizens of the entire country in critical situations. Previously, L. Cipule was managing several medical institutions, as well as took part in the development of the Latvian Medical Association draft law.

Children neurologist Jurģis Strautmanis, Year 2019

  • In the photo from the left side: D. H. Grindel award laureat, Children neurologist Jurģis Strautmanis; Kirovs Lipmans, the chairman of the Supervisory Council of JSC Grindeks.

    Jurģis Strautmanis is children neurologist, electroencephalography (EEG) specialist, the Head of Board of Latvian Paediatric Neurologists Society, Head of Board of Latvian Chapter of International League Against Epilepsy and Member of the Board of European Paediatric Neurology Society. Since 2010 he has been actively involved in epilepsy and sleep medicine field by promoting children neurology development in Latvia. J. Strautmanis is the founder and the Head of Epilepsy and Sleep Medicine Centre in Children’s Clinical University Hospital as well as has developed pediatric neurology residency program. J. Strautmanis is the lead researcher and researcher in international multicenter clinical researches, and ketogenic diet – specific refractory epilepsy treatment method – implementer in Latvia.

Dr. med. Vilnis Dzērve-Tāluts, Year 2018

  • In the photo: Dr. med. Vilnis Dzērve-Tāluts

    Dr. med. Vilnis Dzērve-Tāluts, cardiologist, sine 1997 has worked in the Institute of Cardiology and Regenerative Medicine of the University of Latvia, leading researcher. In 2018 he received the D.H. Grindel Award for lifetime contribution to medicine and pharmacy in Latvia. Under his leadership, internationally recognised studies on cardiovascular diseases and their risk factors have been conducted with great influence over cardiovascular disease prevention programs initiated in Latvia. V. Dzērve-Tāluts has published over 200 scientific papers.

Dr. Med. Ināra Logina, Year 2017

Dr. med., Juris Pokrotnieks, Year 2016

Dr. Med. Andrejs Ērglis, Year 2015

  • From the left side: Juris Bundulis, Chairman of the Board of JSC Grindeks, Dr. med. Andrejs Ērglis.

    Dr. Med. Andrejs Ērglis, cardiologist, radiologist-diagnostician, the Chief of Pauls Stradins Clinical University Hospital Latvian Centre of Cardiology, the president of Latvian Society of Cardiology, the Director of Cardiology and Regenerative Medicine Institute of the University of Latvia and professor in the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Latvia. In 2015 he received The Annual Medicine Award as the Physician of the Year and the D. H. Grindel Award for significant contribution to development of cardiology in Latvia. Professor is and author or co-author of more than 400 publications.

Medicine and pharmacy excellences in Latvia

“There is a significant message behind every Grindeks award – they remind us of the crucial role science has in the pharmaceutical industry’s development, where research and development of each and every product is based on scientific studies – meaningful discoveries of human health and life,” Kirovs Lipmans, the chairman of Grindeks Supervisory Council, noted.

Since 1995 D. H. Grindel medal and award has been granted to notable persons in medicine and pharmacy in Latvia such as children neurologist Jurģis Strautmanis, Prof. Dr. med. Andrejs Ērglis, Prof. Dr. med. Juris Pokrotnieks, Prof. Dr. med. Ināra Logina, Dr. med. Vilnis Dzērve-Tāluts, Dr. habil. chem., Dr. hist. h. c., prof., Jānis Stradiņš, Prof. Dr. habil. biol. Elmārs Grēns, Dr. habil. chem. Regīna Žuka, Prof. Dr. hab. chem. Ivars Kalviņš, Dr. chem. Jānis Polis, Asoc. prof., Dr. pharm. Vija Eniņa, Dr. habil. med. Vija Kluša, Dr. Pēteris Apinis, Dr. chem. Osvalds Pugovičs, Prof. Dr. pharm. Maija Dambrova, Dr. habil. chem. Raimonds Valters and several other excellences.

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