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Risk Management Policy

JSC Grindeks supports and promotes a comprehensive company risk management for the benefit of its customers, owners, employees and partners. An efficient risk management has a direct impact on successful business activity and achievement of the objectives.
The presence of risks are permanent, therefore various risk management elements are implemented in the daily operations of the company.
It is of great importance to JSC Grindeks to maintain ability to ensure provision of continuous service, verifying that all assets – both tangible and intangible – are protected against damages. JSC Grindeks believes that risk control is an integral part of successful business management.
The simplest way of successful risk management is by groping risk factors and linking to respective business functions. Therefore managers of departments and structural units are as equally responsible for successful implementation of Risk Management Policy, as they are responsible for an achievement of company’s overall objectives.
The Policy defines identification, assessment and management of risks covering all business areas of the company.
For each of identified key risks, potential consequences and existing control procedures are assessed, and specific tasks for further action assigned.
JSC Grindeks pays attention to successful coordination and continuous improvement of implemented risk management as an integral part of company’s culture.
It is an obligation to each employee individually and all personnel together to make sure that all risks with a potential impact on business performance and achievement of the objectives are properly understood, managed and controlled.
This policy has the full support of the Chairman of the Board. To ensure the business activity and successful achievement of set objectives, JSC Grindeks needs participation and cooperation by all employees.

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