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The story of Grindeks started in 1946 at the Vitamin and Hormones Plant, which developed into vertically integrated pharmaceutical concern over the years

1946 – 1956

  • Searching for Opportunities. The Vitamin and Hormones Plant

    In 1946 the Vitamin and Hormones Plant was transferred from the supervision of the Ministry of Food Production to that of the Latvian Academy of Sciences with the goal of gradually re-establishing it as an experimental plant.

  • First Products

    Food concentrates, soy sauce, primrose syrup, beer yeast, microelement mixtures, etc – the plant’s product offering at that time bear very little resemblance to the one Grindeks manufactures today.

1957 – 1971

  • Towards developments. Organic Synthesis Institute

    In 1957, the Vitamin and Hormones Plant was incorporated into the structure of the newly established Organic Synthesis Institute (OSI), establishing the Latvian Academy of Sciences (LAS) Organic Synthesis Institute’s Experimental Plant.

  • Solomon Hiller

    The OSI’s manufacture of synthetic medicines was commenced under the leadership of the Institute’s founder, LAS academic, Professor Solomon Hiller (1915-1975). The Plant developed as the OSI’s experimental base for the implementation of fundamental research and scientific innovations in manufacturing.

  • First Steps into Scientific Research and New Chemicals

    By the end of the 1950’s, the manufacture of the first chemical products had begun in co-operation with the OSI’s employees – fenilin, furazolidon, furadonin and TioTEFA. In accordance with the areas of research covered by the newly established, serious work begins on the development of anti-cancer agents.

    Also under consideration at the same time as the manufacture of ingredients for medical treatment was the manufacture of forms of final dosage formulations and a circuit for tablets was established at the chemical workshop.

  • Beginning of Ftorafur®

    There is a gradual transition to the development of new synthetic drug manufacturing technologies as well as the manufacture of such medicines. In 1964, the first chemical synthesis of the anti-cancer product’s active ingredients – Ftorafur® – is carried out. Ftorafur is considered to be the biggest success in terms of the collaboration between the Institute and the Plant. The inventors of the synthesis were Regīna Žuka, Marģers Līdaka and Solomons Hillers. The manufacturing technology for the drug was developed at the Plant in 1966.

  • Sharp Growth

    The first half of the 1960’s was notable for the sharp growth in the total volume of chemical products. The development and manufacture of psychopharmacological medicines was commenced, which even now still remain within Grindeks’ sphere of interest.

    In 1965, the plant shifted to the exclusive manufacture of organic synthetic products. In total, around 30 different medicines and related technologies were invented during the 1960’s. And subsequently the manufacture of these medicines began.

    During the second of the 1960’s, research into peptide chemistry was expanded at the Organic Synthesis Institute. With the branching out of the areas of research, the need arose for the OSI to improve and expand the Experimental Plant. In 1967, the construction of a new block of buildings commenced at Krustpils iela 53 which is still the current location of the Grindeks plant and administrative building.

1972 – 1984

  • Ready for Partnering with Japanese, Iskra Industry and Taiho Pharmaceutical

    In 1972, the first co-operation contracts were signed with Japanese pharmaceutical companies Iskra Industry and Taiho Pharmaceutical in regard to the supply of the anti-cancer agent Ftorafur. Ftorafur spreads the fame of the plant worldwide and even today this drug is still one of the most exported products by Grindeks.

  • Technological Progress Developed. Synthesis of Mildronate®

    During the second half of the 1970’s, inventions from the molecular biology and microbiology laboratories were introduced into the manufacturing process, manufacturing technologies were improved and syntheses of new ingredients were mastered. The synthesis of Grindeks’ brand product Mildronate® was commenced.

  • New Research, New Findings.

    During the first half of the 1980’s, research continued in the field of peptide chemistry, work was commenced on new groups of compounds in the search for potential ingredients for medical treatment and intensive work was carried out on psychopharmacological medicines. Several new groups of medicines were added to the range of medicines manufactured at the plant, including medicines for the treatment of cardiac and vascular diseases.

1985 – 1990

  • Transition

    In 1985, the Riga Medicinal Medicines Plant was added to the Organic Synthesis Institute Experimental Plant. At the amalgamated plant, the technological research centre was expanded along with the organic synthesis laboratory, the technological processes modelling laboratory and the analysis and standardisation laboratory. OSI Deputy Director, Valdis Jākobsons (Chairman of the Board of JSC Grindeks until 2007), was appointed Manager of the amalgamated plant.

  • The OSI Experimental Plant and 60 New Medicines

    In the course of a few decades, the OSI Experimental Plant became one of the largest medicine research centres in the former USSR, at the same time also becoming the manufacturer of several groups of medicines. In the 1980’s, every fourth new medicinal drug in the former USSR was created by the LAS OSI and developed at its Experimental Plant. In total, more than 60 new medicines were created, of which 17 – were patented and original to the plant.

1991 – 2005

  • New Country, New Company

    In 1991, along with the regaining of Latvian national independence, the Latvian State medicinal drug research and manufacturing company Grindeks was founded on the basis of the Experimental Plant. The name of the company emanates from the name of the first pharmacist, natural scientist, doctor and Professor of Chemistry of Latvian origin, Dāvids Hieronīms Grindelis.

  • Becoming Public Joint Stock Company

    In 1997, the company’s privatisation process was finished and the Public Joint Stock Company Grindeks was established. During the course of the privatisation process, Grindeks attracted more than 6,000 shareholders. In March 1998, Public Joint Stock Company Grindeks acquired a majority shareholding in the Tallinn Pharmaceutical Plant (55%). The quotation of Grindeks shares on the Riga Stock Exchange commenced on June 1, 1998.

  • First Latvian Company to Receive GMP

    In 2000, Grindeks received the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) certificate issued by the United Kingdom’s Medicine Control Agency. The receipt of this certificate certifies the compliance of the company’s tablet and capsule plant to the international requirements of pharmaceutical manufacturing.

    On March 12, 2003, investments and systematic work on the modernisation and further development of the company allowed Grindeks to become the first in-house pharmaceutical manufacturer to receive the Good Manufacturing Practice Certificate from the Latvian State Agency of Medicines. With this certificate, the State has recognised that the quality of products manufactured by Grindeks conforms to global standards.

  • Dedicated to the Quality

    During 2001, Grindeks implements the principles of the ISO 9001:2000 quality standard. In September, the company received the International Environment Authority’s ISO 14001:1996 certificate and in November, the US Food and Drug Administration recognised the compliance of the manufacturing and control of the active ingredient oxitocine to international standards.

  • Joining the UN Global Compact

    In caring for the protection of the surrounding environment and work safety, in 2002 the company signed up to the UN Global Compact and the global chemical industry’s Responsible Care programme.

2006 – 2013

  • Expansion and Growth
    • In 2006,  Grindeks’ subsidary was founded: Namu Apsaimniekošanas projekti, Ltd. in Latvia (strategic management of Grindeks property).

    • In 2007, Grindeks became the only owner of Tallinn Pharmaceutical Plant, buying out all the stock capital and interrupting quotation of its shares on Tallinn Stock Exchange.

    • In 2012, Grindeks concluded agreement on acquisition of whole (100%) shares of HBM Pharma s.r.o. in Slovakia.

  • Product Development
    • In 2007, Grindeks began to offer a new generation high quality medication for the treatment of schizophrenia – Rispaxol®. Also that year, agreement on the registration of Grindeks brand product Mildronate® injections and capsules in the People’s Republic of China, while in 2008, registration of Grindeks brand product Mildronate® initiated in Vietnam. 

    • In 2008, registration of a new generation medication for the treatment of progressive breast cancer in post-menopausal women – Axastrol® is completed. Two new products in the over-the-counter group – the fungicide agent Terbital® cream and the analgesic Begsan® gel are registered.

    • In 2009, Grindeks started to offer several new medications in the OTC group:Rimantadine-Grindeks – a recognized antiviral product for the treatment of seasonal influenza; shampoo MIKANISAL® for the treatment of dandruff and scalp seborrheic dermatitis; gastroenterological product Sorbex® – which is an effective means for absorption and removal of toxic compounds from the human body. 

    • In 2009, the active pharmaceutical ingredient portfolio of Grindeks is supplemented with a new active pharmaceutical ingredient – ursodeoxycholic acid (UDCA), which is used for production of final dosage forms in the treatment of hepatic and gallstone diseases. 

    • The registration of various medications in Finland was concluded, as well as the medication Rispaxol® is registered in Turkey

    • In 2010, Grindeks successfully finished the clinical trial on the influence of the brand product Mildronate® on the treatment of stenocardi

  • Technological Advancment
    • In 2007, Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients Analytical Scale-up Laboratory was opened, as well as Crystallization unit for Grindeks brand product Mildronate® substance was built with a capacity of 250 tons per year 

    • In 2009, new, compliant to the international pharmaceutical industry standards, final dosage forms plant with an annual capacity of 1.5 billion tablets and 500 million capsules was opened. Also, new industrial sewage purification plant was opened, where the principle of biological purification is implemented.

    • In 2011, Grindeks established new anti-cancer manufacturing unit.

    • Also in 2011, Grindeks unveiled UDCA active pharmaceutical ingredient’s manufacturing unit.

    • In 2012, Grindeks unveiled an Ointment and gel manufacturing unit, one of the most modern in the Baltic States.

  • Quality Development
    • In 2012, Environmental Control Laboratory of Grindeks received the accreditation certificate ISO 17025 from the Latvian National Accreditation Bureau, which certifies the proficiency of the Environmental Control Laboratory of Grindeks in work environment testing, as well as in selective analysis of volatile compounds and active substances` dust in the air of work environment.

    • In 2013, Grindeks received OHSAS 18001 certification and the Russian ГОСТ (GOST) certification of quality ISO 9001-2011. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration inspection successfully concluded, confirming that Grindeks cooperation with U.S. partners in the Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients Business could be continued and developed.


  • Support for Science and Education


    • In 2006, Grindeks fund For the Support of Science and Education was founded. Since then, professional growth and education in engineering and natural sciences and pharmacy has been significantly supported and promoted.

    • Since 2010, Grindeks organizes the Profession days for pupils, during which every year 30 pupils have the opportunity to spend one day in Grindeks to become acquainted with the profession of their interest, train skills, ask questions and receive answers. 

  • Gallery of Grindeks growth

    Grindex muzeja atklâðana.

    In 2006, to mark the 60th anniversary, Gallery of Grindeks growth was created in the Company, including a number of expositions devoted to the Company’s substantial growth.

2014 – 2021

  • Expansion and Growth
    • Today, Grindeks branches and representative offices are opened in 11 countries – Latvia, Lithuania, Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Armenia and Tajikistan

    • At the end of 2020, Grindeks announces an update to its corporate brand, including refreshed logo, custom typeface and style. To assure the visual sustainability, Grindeks proudly presents the novelty – Grindelia flower symbol, as one of the companies’ recognition signs, honouring the first Latvian origin pharmacist, doctor and chemist David Hieronymus Grindel.

  • Product Development
    • In 2015, Grindeks started supplies of oxytocin injections to the World Health Organization, as well as UDCA preparation export to Russia and Georgia

    • The inclusion of Grindeks oxytocin on the World Health Organization’s list of medicines in 2019 provides new opportunities in international procurements.

    • Grindeks has successfully completed the Phase 1 Clinical Study of Its New Investigational Medicinal Product Methyl-GBB.

  • Technological Advancment
    • In 2014, Grindeks opened Quality Control Laboratory , one of the most advanced laboratories in the Baltics.

    • Dexmedetomidine has become one of the most important products of Grindeks in recent years. In order to significantly increase production capacity , a new compartment specifically designed to produce dexmedetomidine was constructed.

  • Quality Development
    • In 2015, Grindeks received the Energy management system certification LVS EN ISO 50001:2012.

  • Support for Science and Education
    • In 2019, Grindeks, together with the leading Latvian companies, becomes members of the “Dzīvei gatavs” school programme.

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