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Corporate Social Responsibility

Being one of the first Latvian companies that responded the invitation and joined UN Global Compact movement in 2001, for several years Grindeks is successfully implementing socially responsible behaviour practice in accordance with the ten principles of UN Global Compact. Sustainable operations of Grindeks are based on corporate social responsibility, which is implemented in four main areas: Patient, Society, Employee, Quality and environmental protection.


  • Activities

    Corporate Social Responsibility activities of Grindeks go beyond sponsorship and charity projects – the company provides a broad range of financial support and sponsors different projects that are relevant to the society, as well as engages in public education and information campaigns on health care, medication safety, etc.

    The company pays attention to both the needs of the industry today and the future prospects and challenges. 

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  • Taking Care

    Grindeks takes care of its employees and working environment that promotes employees’ personal and professional growth, which in turn helps the company achieve its business goals.

Quality and Environment protection

  • Quality, Environment, Energy, Occupational Health and Safety Policy



  • The Occupational Health and Safety Management System

    In 2013 the Occupational Health and Safety Management System was successfully integrated into the joint system of the company and certified according to LVS OHSAS 18001 requirements. Compliance with the standard is a long-term strategy component of Grindeks, confirming the company’s responsible attitude towards its employees in relation to work safety and occupational health issues. Compliance with the requirements for occupational health and safety system, allows the company to monitor and manage all risks that can occur during regular daily work and potential emergency situations. The benefit of the standard is the overall safety culture improvement and risk monitoring system efficiency enhancement.


  • Environmental management system

    Environmental protection issues and “green thinking” is an integral daily component of Grindeks. The company is constantly looking for new, innovative and even more effective solutions to save natural resources, and carries out regular environmental measures based on environmental impact assessment and monitoring results, thus allowing minimization of pollution created by operations, processes, products and services of Grindeks. By taking strategic decisions to minimize and avoid possible pollution risks, Grindeks is always analyzing how certain activities may affect the environment. Grindeks controls the impact of its products on environment throughout its research, development and manufacturing process, as well as annually invests in manufacturing infrastructure development and modernization, thus being utmost careful towards the environment.


  • Energy management system

    In 2015, the internationally recognized company “Bureau Veritas Latvia” conducted Grindeks certification on energy management and the company received a certificate confirming the compliance of Grindeks Energy Management System with ISO 50001: 2012 (ISO 50001: 2011) standard.

    The aim of the newly established Grindeks Energy Management System is to ensure the company’s operations are in accordance with laws and regulations as well as to continuously reduce impact on the environment from manufacturing, products and services. Improvements introduced along with the acquisition of the certificate will allow even more efficient energy procurement planning, increase energy efficiency and reduce energy costs. The company purposefully perfected the previous Energy Management System to obtain these certificates, by improving energy accounting, raising performance levels, reducing energy costs per unit of products, thereby reducing the company’s impact on the environment.



Grindeks Corporate Social Responsibility 2017 (2 MB)

Pursuant to the EFPIA CODE ON DISCLOSURE OF TRANSFERS OF VALUE FROM PHARMACEUTICAL COMPANIES TO HEALTHCARE PROFESSIONALS AND HEALTHCARE ORGANISATIONS and the Disclosure Code implemented in the Republic of Lithuania, JSC Grindeks discloses the Report On Transfers Of Value From The Representative Office of JSC Grindeks in Lithuania To Healthcare Professionals and Healthcare Organisations.

Disclosure Report Lithuania 2017 (539 KB)

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