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Audit Committee

The Grindeks Audit Committee were elected for or a term of office of three years at the Annual General Meeting, held on 30 June 2020.

Members of the committee are:

  1. Uldis Osis;
  2. Janis Naglis;
  3. Valdis Garoza.


Objectives of the Audit Committee are:

  1. to supervise a preparation of Grindeks consolidated and non-consolidated financial statements;
  2. to supervise an effectiveness of Grindeks inner control and risk management system operations;
  3. to supervise a statutory course of an examination of Grindeks annual report and consolidated annual report and an elimination of deficiencies identified in the process;
  4. to recommend a qualified auditor for financial audit services;
  5. to verify and supervise an independence of the qualified auditor within the meaning of the Law On Audit Services.

An information on performance of the Audit Committee is included in the Audit Committee Report, prepared to an Annual General Meeting of the Company and approved by the resolution of General Meeting.

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